Answer Key

kuch = something
kuch nahi = nothing
kuch kitabe = some books
kuch samose = some samosas
kuch aur = someone else
kursi par kuch hai = there is something on the chair
kurse par kuch nahi hai = there is nothing on the chair
kuch aur bana-o = Make something else
koi = someone
koi nahi = no one
koi ladki = some girl
koi ladke = some boys
koi aur = someone else
daftar me, koi hai = in the office, there is someone
daftar me, koi nahi hai = there's no one in the office
koi kahani suna-iye = Tell me a story
koi ladki bol rahi hai = Some girl is talking
koi log darvaze par hai = A few people are at the door
vo koi aur hai = That's someone else
kisi ko = to someone
kisi dukan me = in some shop
kisi mahila ko = to some woman


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