Answer Key

mai picture dekh ne vali hu = I am going to watch a movie
mai bata ne vala hu = I am going to tell
ham sun ne vale hai = We are going to listen
Amit khidki khol ne vala hai = Amit is going to open the window
ham pizza bana ne vale hai = We are going to make pizza
aap kya kar ne vale hai? = What are you going to do?
bhaiya kal aa ne vale hai = Brother is going to come tomorrow
Sanjana Mumbai ja ne vali hai = Sanjana is going to go to Mumbai
aap kaunsi sadi kharid ne vali hai? = Which sari are you going to buy?
Rohit mujh se baat kar ne vala hai = Rohit is going to talk with me
Radha kab ga ne vali hai? = When is Radha going to sing?
aap dukan kab khol ne vale hai? = When are you going to open the shop?
bachche kab uth ne vale hai? = When are the children going to wake up?
picture shuru ho ne vali hai = When is the movie going to start (playing)?


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