Answer Key

aaj = today
kal = tomorrow / yesterday
parso = day after tomorrow / day before yesterday
aaj kal = nowadays
subah ko = In the morning
dopaher ko = In the afternoon
shaam ko = In the evening
raat ko = At night
din me = During the day
hafte me = During the week
mahine me = During the month
saal me = During the year
May me = In May
agale saal = next year
pichle hafte = last year
ek second = one second
paanch minat = five minutes
do ghante = two hours
teen din = three days
do hafte = two weeks
paanch mahine = five months
teen saal = three years
kareeb do baje = around 2 o'clock
baar = times
saal me, do baar = in the year, 2 times (twice)
kaun se din? = which day?
kitne baje? = at what time?


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