Answer Key

mujh ko coffee chahiye = I want coffee
mai coffee bana na chah-ti hu = I want to make coffee
us ko pizza chahiye = She wants pizza
vo pizza kha na chah-ti hai = She wants to eat pizza
un ko kya chah-iye? = What do they want?
vo log kya kar na chah-te hai? = What do they want?
ham ko pani chahiye = We want water
ham pani pi-na chah-te hai = We want to drink water
aap ko taxi chahiye? = You want a taxi?
aap taxi le-na chah-te hai? = Do you want to take a taxi?
Radha ko dosa chahiye = Radha wants a dosa
Radha dosa bana na chah-ti hai = Radha wants to make a dosa
Amit ko kurta chahiye = Amit wants a kurta
Amit kurta kharid na chah-ta hai = Amit wants to buy a kurta


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