Answer Key

kitna pani = how much water?
kitne log = how many people?
Hamara ghar kitna sundar hai! = How pretty is our house!
Ghar me kitne log hai = How many people are in the house?
Daftar me kitni aurate hai = How many women are in the office?
kitni laDkiyaa ga rahi hai? = How many girls are singing?
kaunsa ladka = which boy?
kaunsi ladki = which girl?
kaunse kutte = which dogs?
kaisi picture = what kind of movie?
Aap ko kaisi kitab chahiye? = What kind of book would you like?
Aap ko kaunsi picture pasand hai? = Which movie do you like?
mausam kaisa hai? = how is the weather?
kis ko / us ko = to whom? / to her
kis ke saath? / us ke saath = with whom? / with her
Kis ne ye dal banayi hai? = Who has made this dal?
Kinho ne aap se kaha? = Who have told you?
Amit Kis se kitaab leta hai? = Amit takes a book from whom?
Amit kin se pani leta hai? = Amit takes water from whom (plural)?
ye kis ki kitab hai? = Whose book is this?
kis ko malum hai? = Who knows?
aur kaun = who else
aur kya = what else
ghar me aur kaun tha? = Who else was in the house?
kaun-kaun = which all
kahaa-kahaa = where all
Party me kaunkaun tha? = Who all were in the party?
kidhar = where
Amit kidhar hai? = Where is Amit? (2nd word for "where")


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