Answer Key

picture dekh na = to see a movie
picture dekh na = seeing a movie
Hindi bol na = to speak Hindi
Hindi bol na = speaking Hindi
chaval paka na = to cook rice
chaval paka na = cooking rice
Amit kya chah-ta hai = Amit wants what?
Amit picture dekh na chah-ta hai = Amit wants to see a movie
kya aasaan hai? = What is easy?
Chawal paka na aasan hai = Cooking rice is easy
Sushma kya seekh rahi hai = Sushma is learning what?
Sushma Hindi bol na seekh rahi hai = Sushma is learning to speak Hindi
aap kya chah-te hai? = You want what?
you want to hear music? = aap sangeet sun na chah-te hai?
kya mushkil hai? = What is difficult?
biryani bana na muskhil hai = Making biryani is diffcult
chaval paka na muskhil nahi hai = cooking rice is not diffcult


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