Answer Key

I will see = mai dekh-ungi
I will see = mai dekh-unga
I will show the house = mai ghar dikhaa-ungi
I will understand everything = mai sab samajh-unga
I will stay here = mai yahaa rah-ungi
I will go tomorrow = mai kal ja-unga
Sita will see = Sita dekh-egi
Amit will see = Amit dekh-ega
She will see the painting = vo tasvir dekh-egi
She will take the book = vo kitaab l-egi
He will give an answer = vo jawaab d-ega
She will speak the truth = vo sach bol-egi
He will call you = vo aap ko bulaa-ega
they / we / you = ve / ham / aap
They will see = ve dekh-engi
We will see = ham dekh-enge
You will see = aap dekh-engi
They will see = ve dekh-enge
We will see = ham dekh-enge
You will see = aap dekh-enge
We will hear the song = hum gaana sun-enge
You will go there = aap vahaa aa-enge
We will eat the dal = ham dal kha-enge
They will drink the tea = ve chai pi-enge
They will answer the question = ve sawaal pooch-enge
We will tell mother = ham maa ko bataa-enge
You will read the poem = aap kavita padh-engi
You will make the breakfast = aap naashta banaa-enge
We will help = ham madad kar-enge
They (women) will meet with Gita = ve Gita se mil-engi
They (women) will know the secret = ve raaz jaan-engi
You will say to us = aap ham se kah-enge
You will become = aap ban-enge
They will think = ve soch-enge


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