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Feeling stuck with Hindi?

Feeling stuck with Hindi? Spent countless hours watching tutorials on YouTube, yet finding yourself at a standstill, with words jumbling up and progress seemingly out of reach.

Here is

Why Traditional Hindi Learning Falls Short

Relying on Rote Memorization

Traditional methods prioritize memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules over practical usage.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Traditional programs don’t account for individual learning styles, goals, or pace.

Limited Speaking Practice

There is often a heavy focus on reading and writing, with insufficient opportunities for speaking practice.

Lack of Real-Life Application

Many courses fail to incorporate real-world scenarios, making it hard to use Hindi outside the classroom.

Disconnection from Cultural Context

Language learning is often detached from cultural understanding, missing the essence of language as a cultural tool.

Outdated Resources and Methods

Use of old textbooks and teaching methods that don’t reflect current usage or colloquial Hindi.

wave goodbye to traditional,
ineffective methods.

Dive into a learning experience that emphasizes conversational Hindi, cultural nuances, and colloquial expressions – the keys to speaking like a native and forming genuine connections.

No More Rote Learning

Transition from memorizing to engaging in real-life conversations from day one.

Speak Like a Local

Master colloquial expressions that textbooks don't teach you.

Immediate Practice

Implement what you learn in everyday scenarios, accelerating your path to fluency.

Unlock the Door to Fluent Hindi
Customized Lessons
for Every Learner

Personalized Curriculum

Tailored lessons that match your learning speed and goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Learn at your convenience with sessions designed to fit your busy life.

Progress Tracking

Regular assessments to celebrate your achievements and focus on areas needing improvement.

Live Conversations

Engage in real-time discussions on a variety of topics to boost your fluency.

Extensive Materials

Access a wealth of resources including textbooks, audio recordings, and videos.

Task-Based Learning

Apply your Hindi in real-world tasks to enhance learning retention and applicability.

We are on a Mission

Namaste fellow Hindi speakers and learners!

I’m Ash, the founder of Hello-Hindi. I have been enthusiastically teaching how to speak Hindi in New York City, and also online, since 2011.

We’re here to enable everybody with the most efficient and fun way to learn Hindi and  to converse in it.

If you have any difficulty regarding learning Hindi drop us a line. I will personally see to it that ALL your difficulties are resolved and that you are all set on your path to learn and to LOVE Hindi!


read what our Student says about us

Alison P.
Alison P.
New York
Read More
Terrific classes! I miss the Wednesday conversation classes. I'll be back once I move to NY next year
Giselle M
Giselle M
New York, NY - Wife of Indian husband
Read More
After your online classes, I can finally speak Hindi with my husband and his family! Bahut Bahut Dhanya-vaad!
Avi K.
Avi K.
Brooklyn, NY - Second Generation American Indian
Read More
Great teacher! Loved the appropriately paced and structured sessions. I got a lot out of the conversation activities ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Amanda D.
Amanda D.
New York, NY - Fiancee of Indian Partner
Read More
Namaste Ash! Thanks for doing what you do, and making the classes fun and easy to learn. The classes are really a highlight of my week.


When can I start speaking Hindi comfortably?

You'll start speaking Hindi right after our first class. You will be able to speak conversational Hindi within 2-3 months. By 6 months' time, you should have a very good handle on the nuances of Real Hindi.

The format I work with lends itself to quick improvement. By using my specially designed flashcards and practice exercises, you'll be able to speak faster and fluently.

What is the structure of the Hindi classes?

The session is split into these 3 broad sections:

  • Conversational Review: We spend a few minutes reviewing the harder topics. The rapid-fire nature will be very satisfying for you as you will remember the topics well and gain confidence.
  • New Topic: We will focus on one or two new grammar ideas and how you can use these in your daily conversations. During our trial session, I'll show the exact syllabus that we'll be working on.
  • One-on-one conversations: We will spend a good time talking in Hindi..
  • Homework: I'll provide with flashcards and recorded videos for the new topic so you can review it before our next session.
How is progress assessed in the course?

I will be grading your conversational skills and providing feedback constantly.

My students love the Conversational Quiz-and-Review aspect of my teaching.

I also have developed quizzes on every grammar topic which will help you speak Hindi quickly and intuitively.

Seize Your Moment

Dive into the heart of Hindi with a personalized 30-minute class tailored just for you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to polish your skills, this is your chance to experience a breakthrough in your language learning journey

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