Syllabus for Our Hindi Teachers


  1. Present Tense: vo sangeet sun-ti hai
  2. Conjugations for we/they/you: ham sangeet sun-te hai
  3. Questions: kya, kahaa, kaun, kab, kyo, kaise
  4. Basic Prepositions and Ke Prepositions: me, pe, se, ke saath, ke liye
  5. Plurals
  6. Adjectives
  7. Possessives (using ki-ka-ke)
  8. Obliques (using pronouns): us ko, mujhe
  9. Gentle Requests and can: dekh-o, mai dekh sak-ti hu?
  10. Future Tense: mai sangeet sun-ungi
  11. Past Tense: mai ne dekh-a
  12. Obliques(using nouns) #1: laDke ko, laDko ko
  13. More ke prepositions: ke paas, ke bina, ke pehle, ke baad
  14. Obliques(using nouns) #2: past tense and possessive: laDko ne
  15. Infinitives: mai dekh na chah-ti hu


  1. J forms #1: jo: ye, Radha hai, jo meri office me kaam kar-ti hai
  2. Other Conversational tenses: mai ne dekh-a hai, mai ne dekh-a tha
  3. More Question words: kaunsi, kis ki
  4. J forms #1: jab, jahaa
  5. Compound Words: de/le, mai bana de-ti hu, Radha sun le-gi
  6. Compound Words: ja, mai samajh ga-yi
  7. Lag Verb #1: lag-ta hai, garmi lag rahi hai
  8. Lag Verb #2: mujhe achcha lag-ta hai, ek din lag-ta hai
  9. Subjunctives: mai kab aa-u? Agar Sita kah-e
  10. To be and to become: ho na, kya hua?, ho ga-ya
  11. Obliques with adjectives: choTe laDke ki behen
  12. Intransitive Past Tenses: mai ga-yi, mai uTh-i, mai has-i
  13. Adjective forms: has-ta hua laDka
  14. Gerund forms: ghar jakar, Sita sandwich kha-ti hai
  15. Passive Voice: Bharat me Hindi bol-i ja-ti hai

We are looking for 2 motivated Hindi teachers.

Here are some benefits of joining our outstanding teaching service:

1) Payment: We will pay you $10 (INR 850) for every 1 hour of teaching (payment done through your choice of platform).
2) Bonus: You will get more students if you can retain a student for more than 7 classes.
3) Global Sutdents: A steady flow of interested students from the US, UK, Europe, and Australia
4) Easy Teaching Material: Ready-made software that is proven to work for our students

If you are interested in teaching Hindi with us, enter your information below and we will contact you about the next steps.

Requirements for being a Hindi tutor with us:

1) You should have taught at least 100 hours of Hindi
2) You are friendly and encouraging to new students
3) You should be able to explain the grammar and conversational concepts in Hindi


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