Speak Hindi Now
with 3 Quick Hacks*

*Designed for American Speakers

Speak Hindi Now
with 3 Quick Hacks*

*Designed for American Speakers

Hack #1


Quick Tips:

1. Use Sounds & Images. Not just Words

2. Check out our FREE Flashcards!

Hack #2

(Hindi + ENGLISH)

Quick Tips:

1. Learn Hindi sentences that allow English words

2. Use English & start talking now!

Hack #3


Quick Tips:

1. Learn Sentence Templates (Not Sentences!)

2. Use Flash Cards to Memorize the Templates

We'RE ON A Mission!

Namaste fellow Hindi speakers and learners!

I’m Ash, the founder of Hello-Hindi. I have been enthusiastically teaching how to speak Hindi in New York City, and also online, for the past eight years.

We teach Hindi in a fun way with quick techniques so you start talking Hindi quickly!

I invite you to a completely FREE TRIAL SESSION on Zoom/Skype with me!

– Learn 3 Best Ways to Speak Hindi FAST

– Use our popular Hindi Flash Cards

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*Designed for American Speakers

*357 satisfied customers have booked this session!

Get FREE TRIAL Session*

3 Easy Rules to Speak Hindi

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*Designed for American Speakers

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*357 satisfied customers have booked this session!


All our clients have moved to Online Classes and are LOVING it! A few reviews from our current clients

This is exactly what I need. A short burst of Hindi instruction followed by practice for the week!
– Shruti J., New York, NY

 I am understanding the Hindi pronunciation so much better this way
– Malvika S., New York, NY (currently in North Carolina)

Online Classes are so convenient. I’ll just continue with Online Classes in the future instead of our sessions at the Rubin Museum!
– Ivana L., New York, NY (currently in Virginia)

Superb Flash Card System! I love that you have the pronunciation sounds for each word
– Sonal T., New York, NY 

Great Images and Sounds! Most of the words I want are here 
– Elena G, Chicago, Il

I didn’t know I could learn online so easily
– Mark R, Long Island, NY

This recording ability on Zoom is super useful – I can now record everything and review it before the next class
– JJ, North Plainfield, NJ

Great list, Ash! I had tried to learn Hindi before many times. Now just in a short time, I’ve learnt 340 words
– Jeff, Princeton, NJ


*357 satisfied customers have booked this session!