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*357 satisfied customers have booked this session!

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Giselle M.
Giselle M.
Wife of Indian Husband
New York, NY
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After your online cases, I can finally speak Hindi with my husband and his family!

Bahut Bahut Dhanya-vaad!
Abby C. <br> New York, NY - Frequent Traveler to India
Abby C.
New York, NY - Frequent Traveler to India
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I've been waiting for these types of lessons for along time! The listening and dictation activities are exactly what I needed. Shookriya!
Amanda D.
Amanda D.
Fiancee of Indian partner
New York, NY
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Namaste Ash! Thanks for doing what you do, and making the classes fun and easy to learn. The classes are really a highlight of my week.
Priya S., New York, NY
Priya S., New York, NY 2nd generation Indian American
New York, NY
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After Ash's classes, I can finally fill in the gaps and understand not only movies but also Bollywood songs! Weekly ‘conversations are excellent!

We'RE ON A Mission!

Namaste fellow Hindi speakers and learners!

I’m Ash, the founder of Hello-Hindi. I have been enthusiastically teaching how to speak Hindi in New York City, and also online, since 2011.

We’re here to enable everybody with the most efficient and fun way to learn Hindi and  to converse in it.

If you have any difficulty regarding learning Hindi drop us a line. I will personally see to it that ALL your difficulties are resolved and that you are all set on your path to learn and to LOVE Hindi!

Join the 35k+ users that have trusted in our teaching methods

Facebook 30k+ followers

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Join the 35k+ users that have trusted in our teaching methods

30k+ followers 
on Facebook 

7k+ followers 
on Tiktok

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start speaking Hindi comfortably?

You’ll start speaking Hindi sentences right after our first class!

You will be able to speak conversational Hindi within 2-3 months. By 6 months’ time, you should have a very good handle on the nuances of Real Hindi.

The format I work with lends itself to quick improvement. By using my specially designed flashcards and practice exercises, you’ll be able to speak faster and fluently.

What is the structure of the Hindi classes?

The session is split into these 3 broad sections:

  • Conversational Review: We spend a few minutes reviewing the harder topics. The rapid-fire nature will be very satisfying for you as you will remember the topics well and gain confidence.

  • New Topic: We will focus on one or two new grammar ideas and how you can use these in your daily conversations. During our trial session, I’ll show the exact syllabus that we’ll be working on.

  • One-on-one conversations: We will spend a good time talking in Hindi..

    Also, for homework, I’ll provide flashcards and recorded videos for the new topic so you can review them before our next session. 
How is progress assessed in the course?

I will be assessing your conversational skills and providing feedback constantly.

My students love the Conversational and Quiz-and-Review aspects of my teaching.

I also have developed quizzes on every grammar topic which will help you speak Hindi quickly and intuitively.

What are the fees and how do I pay?

My rates are $25 per session and you may receive a discounted rate of $20 for the first month.

If you cannot afford these rates, please contact me and I can make an exception with a discounted price. Nothing would please me more that to get you speaking Hindi with my system.

I accept Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, and PayPal. You may also send cash, check or pay by credit card.

You can send the fees after each class or after every four classes.

What type of goals do you help with?

I will show you how to express yourself in Hindi and how to further connect with your family.

If you’re starting out, we’ll work on Grammar, Conversation and Listening Skills. If you’re already spoken a bit of Hindi, we will work on Conversational Skills in various scenarios relevant to Indian culture.

I’ve successfully assisted a diverse group of individuals, including:

  • Those wanting to communicate with their partner’s Indian family.

  • People with Indian roots.

  • Frequent travelers, musicians, and artists.

  • Business professionals and job seekers with interests in India.

  • Academic researchers and graduate students.
How often do I take the classes?

75% of my students take 30 minute sessions once a week. 25% of my students take sessions twice or thrice a week. 

The sessions are packed with review, new material and conversational practice. You will receive ample practice during the week so you can prepare for the next class. 

I suggest starting with weekly sessions.

Where are you located?

I live in Manhattan.

How can I contact you for further questions?

Feel free to call or message me on Whatsapp at 1-917-359-9662. Or email me at

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*357 satisfied learners have booked this link

Here's What You'll Learn with Me

Note: You must register NOW as seats are getting filled quickly

1. Easy Tricks to Speak Hindi Fast!

Totally Eliminate Guesswork and Confusion with my Shortctus

2. How to Speak with Your Family

Easy-to-use techniques that will delight your family

3. How To Respond in Hindi in Any Situation

Use my 80/20 Cheat Sheet to adapt to every event

4. Quickly Grasp what People are Saying​​

Instantly understand what native speakers are saying 

5. Shortcuts to Memorize High-Frequency Vocab​

Use my Flashcards; Scaffolded use of new vocabulary while speaking

6. Hindi Idioms to Quickly Bond with People

Immediately build rapport with these super useful expressions

Bonus: Videos, Flashcards, Conversation book, & more...

Includes my wildly popular “Grammar Memorizers”, my “Essential Hindi Conversation” book, and Conversation video series

Here's What You'll Learn with Me

Note: You must register NOW as seats are getting filled quickly

1. Easy Tricks to Speak Hindi Fast!

Learn quickly with my shortcuts

2. How To Speak With Your Family

Easy-to-use techniques to be loved by your family

3. How To Respond in Hindi in Any Situation

Master the 9 basic types of Hindi conversation

4. Quickly Grasp what People are Saying​

Improve your listening comprehension in weeks

5. Shortcuts to Memorize High-Frequency Vocab

Basic Grammar, Tenses, Prepositional Usage, Advanced Grammar Concepts

6. Expressions to Quickly Bond with People

Prompt-based conversations that will quickly help you speak in any situation

Conversation-based videos, Flashcards,
Conversation book,
& more...

Totally Eliminate Guesswork and Confusion. Also Includes my wildly popular "Grammar Memorizers" and my "Conversation Strategies" book

Featured Google Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aryanna Aronson
Aryanna Aronson
I've been learning Hindi with Ash over Zoom for a year and a half now, and I couldn't be happier with my progress. He creates a supportive learning environment where I feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions. Ash's lessons are well-structured, and he provides a perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary, and conversational practice. He tailors each lesson to my learning style and pace. I highly recommend Ash as a tutor. Thank you, Ash, for helping me on my Hindi learning journey!
Renu Bhagat
Renu Bhagat
When I initially enrolled my daughter for Hindi classes with Ash, I had doubts whether she will be able to stick to it; read/write Hindi. But to my surprise she has really picked up a lot. Not only can she converse in Hindi more confidently, she also takes pride in writing Hindi script! I believe the credit goes to Ash for his teaching skills, patience, dedication, and flexibility. This class helped my daughter feel more comfortable in communicating with her relatives during our recent visit to India. I would highly recommend Ash to all aspiring parents and their children!
Anish Gosala
Anish Gosala
I reached out to Ash to provide Hindi tutoring services for my younger sister and I’m more than blown away by the progress she made under him. She’s become much more confident in speaking and has achieved a near fluent mastery of the language. I believe that Ash’s conversational approach was crucial in all this since it created a relaxed atmosphere where my sister felt comfortable to make mistakes and learns. My sister loved how examples were more fun and rooted in real life, making the conversations much more engaging and memorable. Additionally, Ash has been super proactive in providing his proposed curriculum and is very receptive to changes. I cannot recommend Ash enough!
Raynaa Gosala
Raynaa Gosala
He is very nice and a very good teacher. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I feel more confident to speak in hindi now
Cat Tierney Sandhu
Cat Tierney Sandhu
I’ve become the Hindi speaker of my dreams since working with Ash! I was hesitant to learn a language online because I enjoy the classroom experience, but Ash is so efficient and effective. We achieve so much learning in our once weekly sessions because he is so organized, and makes learning fun, while achieving maximum progress. I now have a rich vocabulary, a great hang on the complex grammar, and conversationally, I’m ready to handle any Aunty Ji with a million questions at any event!
Monica Panhani
Monica Panhani
I've been working with Ash for almost 2 years. He is amazing! My Hindi has definitely come such a long way! He has helped me with the basics and I'm able to hold basic conversations beyond hi, how are you, & what's your name. Ash is always willing to work on topics that I want, whether its for work or just fun. He doesn't push and isn't aggressive. He gives me homework (reasonable amount) and is fair with corrections. The classes go at a reasonable pace, and he listens to feedback seriously. His rates are affordable and I highly recommend him. I'm definitely more comfortable speaking Hindi now than I was a year ago. Thank you so much Ash!
Steve Schollmeyer
Steve Schollmeyer
Ash was an amazing tutor. He’s great for beginners because he provides very structured classes that go beyond just vocab quizzes. He helped me understand basic grammar and basic conversations very quickly. His rates are totally worth it and he also provides great online resources to practice in between sessions. Would definitely recommend Hello Hindi for anyone trying to learn!!

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