Gentle Requests

Background Review

Let’s look at how to request something…

Adding -iye

To request someone to do something, we add -iye


pronounced as ee-YAY







dekh-iye = please see / please look

sun-iye = please listen

You Try...

Please make (bana) = b…

Please come (aa) = 

Adding Objects

Now as usual, we can also add objects in front of verbs







dosa bana-iye = make dosa

address bata-iye = tell the address

You Try...

Please watch the movie (dekh) = movie…

Please go home (ja) =

3 important exceptions

Please give:

de -> de-iye (incorrect)


de-> di-jiye (correct)











Please take:

le -> le-iye (incorrect)


le-> li-jiye (correct)





















Please do:

kar -> kar-iye (acceptable)


kar-> ki-jiye (correct)

You Try...

Please give water (de) =water…

Please take the book (le) = 

Please do the work (kar) = 

A quick word about please

kripaya = please


* “kripaya” sounds very formal and is best avoided at the start





the “please” in our examples above is implied through the tone



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