Telling Time

Background Review

Let’s look at how numbers are used to tell time


baje = o’clock



do baje hai = it is 2 o’clock









when we drop the hai, it becomes…

do baje = at 2 o’clock 


You Try...

It’s 5 o’clock (paanch) = paanch…

at 7 o’clock (saat) =

Asking Time

replace the number with kitne


kitne baje hai = what time is it?









drop “hai” to get:


kitne baje = at what time?

You Try...

At what time, Amit goes home? = ki…

At what time is the party? =

Important times of the hour

sava = quarter past



sava paach baje hai = 5:15















saDhe = half past


saDhe paanch baje hai = 5:30 












paune = quarter to


paune nau baje hai = 8:45

You Try...

at 3:15 = sa…

it’s 6:30 = 

at 8:45 =

Important time periods

These are included in the memorizer. We will memorize them during our conversations.




second = second

minat = minute

ghanta = hour

din = day













aaj = today

kal = tomorrow/yesterday

parso = day after tomorrow/day before yesterday










Longer time period…


hafta = week

mahina = month

saal = year




You Try...

Today, I am making a dosa = aaj…

Tomorrow, I am going home =


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