6 Question Words

Background Review:

First let’s review how to conjugate our verbs:


Sita roti kha-ti hai = Sita eats a roti


You Try...

Amit watches a movie = 

kya = what

Let’s see how to ask questions with what


kya = what



Amit movie dekh-ta hai



Now replace movie with kya:


Amit kya dekh-ta hai? = Amit sees what?  (What does Amit see?)





Radha song sun-ti hai -> Radha kya sun-ti hai?


You Try...

Rohit reads what? = 


What does Anita make? =

kaun = who

kaun = who


Atul Hindi bol-ta hai = Atul speaks Hindi





replace Atul with kaun:

kaun Hindi bol-ta hai = Who speaks Hindi?






Radha ghar ja-ti hai? -> kaun ghar ja-ti hai?





Note: all question words are masculine. so use the masculine gender with kaun.

You Try...

Who gives the gift? =


Who asks a question? =


kahaa = where




We directly put kahaa as the second word:


Amit dinner kha-ta hai -> Amit kahaa dinner kha-ta hai


= Where does Amit eat lunch?





aap kahaa rah-te hai? = You live where?  (Where do you live)

You Try...

You speak Hindi where? (bol) = 


Where does Anita live? (rah) = 


kab = when




add kab in the second place:

Radha kab breakfast kha-ti hai = Radha eats breakfast when?





aap kab office ja-te hai = You go to the office when?

You Try...

Suraj speaks Hindi when? =


When does Priya eat lunch? =

kyo = why

kyo = why




Same rule:

add kyo in the second place –

Radha kyo lecture sun-ti hai? = Radha hears the lecture why?





aap kyo kitab paDh-te hai? = Why do you read the book?

You Try...

Anil plays soccer why? = 


Why does Radha make biryani? =


kaise = how

kaisa = how



Amit kaisa hai? = How is Amit?

Amit achcha hai = Amit is good/fine



kaisa is gendered: use kaisi for feminine subjects

Radha kaisi hai? = How is Radha?

Radha theek hai = Radha is OK


You Try...

How are you? (to a girl) =


How is Anita?


Remember to use “e” for singular you:

How are you? (to a man) =


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