Present Tense Mixed

Background Review:

For feminine subjects: We add -ti hu to conjugate the verb


mai movie dekh-ti hu = I see a movie



mai roTi kha-ti hu = I eat a roti

You Try...

She hears a song (sun) = 


She speaks Hindi (bol) =


For the masculine subject, we simply change the ti to ta


vo Hindi bol-ta hai = He speaks Hindi



vo dosa bana-ta hai = He makes a dosa



Note vo = both she and he

You Try...

He plays soccer (khel) = 


He reads a book (padh) = 


For plurals, we change the vo -> ve


For feminine:


ve Hindi bol-ti hai = they speak Hindi


ve ghar dikha-ti hai = they show the house






For masculine: 


We use –te hai


ve Hindi bol-te hai = they speak Hindi


ve ghar dikha-te hai = they show the house






Mixed group:


It is the same as the masculine plural: we use -te hai


ve ghar ja-te hai


Radha aur Amit lunch kha-te hai

You Try...

They watch a movie (all women) = 


They give a gift (all men) =


They ask a questions (mixed group) =


We and You

We and You are conjugated the same way as They


ham = we

ve Hindi bol-ti hai -> ham Hindi bol-ti hai 



aap = you

ve film dekh-te hai -> aap film dekh-te hai





You Try...

We (women) make sandwich (bana) = 


You (mixed group) know the address (jaan) =

You: Singular Masculine

There is only one exception to this system:

You singular for masculine also ends in -te hai 

(not -ta hai)






You watch a movie

= aap movie dekh-te hai (wrong)

= aap movie dekh-te hai (correct)




aap chaval kha-te hai = You eat rice 

You Try...

You (1 boy) read a book = 

You (1 man) speak Hindi = 


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