Might be, hai -> hogi

Background Review:

Let’s review the present tense and future tense of ho na = to be

hai -> ho-gi


Present tense:

Radha garden me hai = Radha is in the garden






Future tense:

Radha garden me ho-gi = Radha will be in the garden

Amit library me ho-ga = Amit will be in the library

You Try...

Amit will be in the office =

Priya will be in Mumbai =

might be

Priya Mumbai me ho-gi = Priya will be in Mumbai



the above sentence is also interpreted as

Priya Mumbai me ho-gi = Priya might be in Mumbai





Amit garden me ho-ga = Amit might be in the garden

You Try...

Sita might be in Mumbai =

Where might Sita be? =


We can extend this idea to all usages of hai:



with rahi:


Sita picture dekh rahi hai -> Sita picture dekh rahi hogi

(Sita might be watching a movie)





Sita ko malum hai -> Sita ko malum hoga = Sita might know

You Try...

Amit might (probably) be playing guitar =

Amit might (probably) be doing what? =

Radha might be listening =


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