Someone/Something = koi/kuch


when there is some uncertainty of the exact number of people or things, we use koi and kuch


kuch = something / few

table pe kuch kitabe hai = there are a few books on the table




kuch nahi = not something = nothing

table pe kuch nahi hai = there is nothing on the table

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there is something on the chair =

there is nothing on the chair =

koi = someone

koi = someone 

daftar me, koi hai = in the office, there is someone




koi nahi = no one

daftar me, koi nahi hai = in the office, there is noone




also used as some:

koi ladki bol rahi hai = some girl is talking

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there’s no one in the office =

That’s someone else (else = aur) =

kisi = oblique of kuch and koi

As usual, we will oblique these words in front of prepositions:



replace us with kisi:

us ko -> kisi ko = to someone




us ki ma -> kisi ki ma = someone’s mother




us ghar me -> kisi ghar me = in some house



You Try...

she wants =

someone wants =




she saw =

someone saw =




some city = 

near some city =


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