Past Perfect Tense (one time in the past)

Background Review

Let’s review these two Past Tenses:

Radha saw = Radha ne dekh-a

Radha saw (recently) = Radha ne dekh-a hai

You Try...

Amit heard =

Amit’s heard =

Past Perfect Tense: One time in the distant past

add a tha at the end


Radha ne dekh-a -> Radha ne dekh-a tha (Radha had heard

Amit ne sun-a -> Amit ne sun-a tha (Amit had heard)

You Try...

Amit saw =

Amit had seen =

I had made a dosa =

Intransitive verbs

We do the same for instransitive forms:


She went to the office -> She had gone to the office

vo office ga-yi -> vo office ga-yi thi

You Try...

Amit came home =

Amit had come home =


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