J forms: Jis

Background Review

Let’s quickly review the possessive form:


us ki ma = her mom

You Try...

her sister sings =

jis ki

Let’s understand how to use  jis = whose 



Construction is easy: replace the us -> jis

us ki behen = her sister -> jis ki behen = whose sister




Radha ki behen ga-ti hai = Radha’s sister sings




Radha kaun hai? jis ki behen ga-ti hai =

Who is Radha? The person whose sister sings

You Try...

1) start with:

Amit’s mom is a dancer =



2) ask:

Who is Amit? =



3) answer:

(The person) whose mom is a dancer =

example with obliques

jis = j form of us



Radha ko pizza pasand hai = Radha likes pizza



Radha kaun hai? = Who is Radha?

jis ko pizza pasand hai = (The person) who likes pizza

You Try...

1) start with:

Amit likes rice =




2) then ask:

Who is Amit? =




3) answer:

(The person) who likes rice =


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