Reflexive: apna

Background Review

let’s quickly review: us ki = her

Radha us ki kitab paDhti hai = Radha reads her book

You Try...

Radha reads her newspaper =

using apna

using us ki can cause confusion:

Radha reads her newspaper 


her = Radha’s or someone else’s?









to clarify, we use apni kitab = her own book

Radha apni kitab paDhti hai = Radha reads her (own) book

You Try...

with her own mother =

Radha goes to the park with her own mother =

Gentle Requests

apni is commonly used with Gentle Requests:

apni kitab khol-o = Open your own book

apna kaam kar-o = Do your own work

You Try...

Tell your own story =

Take your own pen =


apni is used for these two main purposes:



1) when you are acting on something that you own

(apni kitab, apna ghar, etc.)




2) when you are interacting with someone related to you

(apni ma, apna bhai, etc.)


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