Past Habitual Tense

Background Review

ti” conjugation is used for habitual activities



Sita Mumbai me rah-ti hai = Sita lives in Mumbai (continuously)

har din, Radha chaval kha-ti hai = Radha eats rice everyday

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Radha asks a lot of questions (habitually) =

Past tense

To make the Past Tense of this, change the hai to thi/tha/the






Sita Mumbai me rah-ti hai -> Sita Mumbai me rah-ti thi

= Sita used to live in Mumbai (not any more)






2020 me, Anita picture dekh-ti thi

= In 2020, Anita used to watch movies (not any more) 

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Radha used to sing (not any more) =

Where did you used to live? =

in own's childhood

a good phrase that is commonly used is:

bachpan me = in own’s childhood




baccha = child and pan = time period

baccha + pan -> bachpan

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In (my) childhood, I used to play football =


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