Present Progressive Tense

Background Review

Let’s review this sentence:





Sita roti kha-ti hai = Sita eats roti (habitually)

You Try...

Anita speaks Hindi (bol) = 

Present Progressive Tense

Let’s see how to say:

Sita is speaking Hindi (right now)


rahi = ing







replace the ti with rahi:

Sita Hindi bol-ti hai = Sita speaks Hindi



Sita Hindi bol rahi hai = Sita is speaking Hindi









Anita coffee banaa rahi hai = Anita is making coffee



You Try...

Radha is listening (sun) = Radha…

She is speaking (bol) =


replace ta with raha





Rohit roti kha-ta hai = Rohit eats roti


Rohit roti kha raha hai = Rohit is eating roti









Amit sun raha hai = Amit is listening


You Try...

He is watching a movie (dekh) = vo…

Suraj is making a dosa (banaa) = 


replace te with rahe



ve Hindi bol-te hai = They speak Hindi 


ve Hindi bol rahe hai = They are speaking Hindi









ve ghar ja rahe hai = They are going home



You Try...

They are speaking Hindi (bol) = ve…

We are giving water (de) =


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