4 more ke preps

Background Review

let’s review the usage of ke saath



Radha ke saath = with Radha

Amit lunch khata hai Radha ke saath = Amit eats lunch with Radha

You Try...

Radha goes to the park with Amit =


we will cover 4 ke preps (a few more are in the Memorizer)

Radha ke bina = without Radha

Bharat ke baare me = about India

lunch ke baad = after lunch

kaam ke pehle = before work

You Try...

Go without Radha =

Don’t go without Radha =

Tell me about the trip =

without me = mere bina

For ke preps, the English word “me” becomes mere not mujh ke

mere bina = without me

You Try...

about me =

before me =


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