to have

Preposition Review

Let’s look at all the constructions of have

We’ll start by reviewing ke paas = have:

Sita has = near Sita = Sita ke paas 

Sita has five dollars = Sita ke paas paanch dollar hai

You Try...

She has a red laptop =

Do you have a pen? =

I have

We use mere paas = I have



mujh ke paas = I have (wrong)

mere paas = I have

You Try...

I have a laptop =

I have a car = 


For relations, we don’t use ke paas



Start with: Sita ka ek bhai = Sita’s one brother



then add hai:

Sita ka ek bhai hai = Sita’s one brother is = Sita has a brother

You Try...

Radha’s two sisters are =

Amit has one mother =

Some common "have" sentences

For the following “have” sentences, we use the “ko” form:



mujh ko bukhar hai = I have a fever

mujhe zukaam hai = I have a cold

Amit ko bahut kaam hai = Amit has lot of work




Note: mujhe is a synonym of mujh ko

You Try...

Do you have fever? =

I have work = 

I have a lot of work = 

Another common form with "have"

In this sentence, we are talking about containing something:


The house “has” four rooms



Rephrase it this way:

In the house, there are four rooms = ghar me, char kamre hai

You Try...

The garden has a tree = In the garden, there is a tree =

The car has two doors = In the car, there are two doors =


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