Preposition Review

Let’s review the se preposition:

se = from. For e.g., Radha se = from Radha




But se can also be used for comparison

Radha se = than Radha

You Try...

than Amit = 

than her = 

than me =

Sentence construction

Let’s look at

Amit lamba hai = Amit is tall




add Sita se at the end:

Amit lamba hai Sita se = Amit is taller than Sita




Hindi aasaan hai English se = Hindi is easier than English





Note: We say, Hindi is easy than English (not “easier”)

You Try...

Amit is bigger than Radha (baDa) =

Rohit is smaller than Suraj (choTa) =

baDa / choTa

baDa can also mean older

choTa can also mean younger

You Try...

I am younger than Priya =

Radha is older than Amit =

English speaker versus textbook version

Let’s contrast the two styles of using prepositions:


English speaker style: preposition at end

Amit lamba hai Sita se = Amit is taller than Sita





Textbook style: preposition in second place

Amit Sita se lamba hai





First practice with the easier English speaker style – it’s much easier

You Try...

Try both ways:

Radha is taller than Amit = 

I am younger than Sunita =


zyada = more

ek mile zyada hai = one mile is more



Now we add: ek meter se = than one meter

ek mile zyada hai ek meter se = one mile is more than one meter

You Try...

one kilo is more than one pound = 


we can use the same logic for kam = less

ek pound kam hai = 1 pound is less


Then add ek kilo se = than one kilo

ek pound kam hai ek kilo se = one pound is less than one kilo

You Try...

one kilo is less than one ton =


For the superlative form, we use sab = all

sab se = than all





sab se achcha = good (better) than all = best





Priya sundar hai sab se  = Priya is the prettiest




Textbook style:

Priya sab se sundar hai  = Priya is the prettiest

You Try...

This book is the best =

Anita is smartest (hoshiyaar) =


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