Grammar for Time


We use different prepositions for different units of time:

ko and me are the most common ones

Today, yesterday, tomorrow

No preps for today and tomorrow:

aaj = today

kal = tomorrow (and also yesterday)



aaj, mai sandwich bana rahi hu = Today, I am making a sandwich

You Try...

Today, I am reading a book =

Tomorrow, I am going to the park =


Times of the day & days of the week

for these four times use ko:





subah ko = in the morning

dopaher ko = in the afternoon

shaam ko = in the evening

raat ko = at night









We also use ko for days of the week:

Sunday ko = on Sunday

Tuesday ko, Radha gym ja-ti hai

= on Tuesday, Radha goes to the gym

You Try...

in the evening, I’ll go the store =

on Monday, Ramesh will watch a movie =

Day, week, month, year

for a duration which is a day or longer use me:




din me = During the day

hafte me = During the week

mahine me = During the month

saal me = During the year

March me = In March

You Try...

In December, I go to India =

During the day, what do you do?

Two important times

These time periods are quite useful for conversations:


agale saal = next year

pichle hafte = last week

You Try...

Next week, I am going to Mumbai = 

Last year, I was working in Chicago =

Two final additions

kareeb = nearly / about

kareeb do baje = about 2 o’clock



baar = times

saal me, do baar = in a year, 2 times (twice a year)

You Try...

in a year, three times =

in a day, once =


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