chahiye vs chah na

Background Review

Let’s review chahiye:



mujh ko pizza chahiye = I want a pizza

Radha ko taxi chahiye = Radha wants a taxi

You Try...

Amit wants a dosa =

chah conjugation

When Amit wants to do an activity we conjugate the chah verb:



Amit chah-ta hai = Amit wants

mai chah-ti hu = I want

You Try...

Radha wants =

Suraj and Radha want =

wanting to do something

When we want to do something:



1) We conjugate the chah verb:

Radha wants = Radha chah-ti hai



2) we add the infinitive: to see = dekh na

Radha wants to see = Radha dekh na chah-ti hai



3) Then add the object: movie

Radha wants to see a movie = Radha movie dekh na chah-ti hai

You Try...

Try both ways:

Radha wants biryani (chahiye) =

Radha wants to eat biryani (chah-ti) =

You want this book? (chahiye) =

Amit wants to read this book? (chah-ta) =


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