Yes/No Qns and Answers

Background Review

Let’s review these sentences:




Sita khush hai = Sita is happy

Sita roti kha-ti hai = Sita eats roti


You Try...

Anita is a singer = Anita…

Priya watches a movie (dekh) =

Yes/No Questions

To ask a question, we simply add a question inflection:


Sita khush hai? = Sita is happy?










Sita roti kha-ti hai? = Sita eats roti?







Textbook-style question:

kya Sita roti kha-ti hai? = Does Sita eat roti?



…sounds very formal








You Try...

Anita is ok? = Anita…

Radha speaks Hindi? (bol) = 

Answering with Yes/No

ha OR ha ji = yes

nahi = no










For negation, just add a nahi after the word:


Sita roti nahi kha-ti hai = Sita does not eat roti












mai French nahi bol-ti hu = I don’t speak French

You Try...

Radha does not watch movies (dekh) = Radha…

I don’t play tennis (khel) =


bhi = also



Similarly, we can add bhi after the word to get:

vo roti bhi kha-ti hai = She also eats roti












vo sandwich bhi banaa-ti hai = She also makes a sandwich


You Try...

I speak Hindi also = mai…

She makes tea also =


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