English Kar conjuncts


We know the conjunct: kaam kar = do work






Replacement Strategy:

We can directly replace the kaam with WORK

WORK kar = do work







TYPE kar = type

*Super useful for conversations because most Hindi speakers use these verbs

You Try...

paint =

calculate = 

collaborate = 


as usual, we only conjugate the kar:


Rohit TYPE kar-ta hai = Rohit types

Radha BAKE kar rahi hai = Radha is baking


Note: we don’t say Rohit TYPES kar-ta hai

You Try...

I decide =

I am driving =

I am driving a car =

Gentle Request with kar

Again only conjugate the kar verb

kar -> ki-jiye (Gentle request form: Please do)



TYPE kijiye = please type

DRIVE kijiye = please drive

You Try...

Please enjoy =

Please enjoy the trip =

Conversational Recommendation

It is highly recommended to import English words this way

1) This will add depth to your conversations

2) You will be able to speak fluently & faster 


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