thi tha the: Past Tense


Let’s look at some basic conjugations for the Present Tense:




Radha khush hai = Radha is happy

ham khush hai = we are happy

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Radha is a singer =


Past Tense of was

English: the past tense of is -> was

Hindi: the past tense of hai -> thi (for feminine)



Radha khush hai -> Radha khush thi

Anita naaraaz hai -> Anita naaraaz thi

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Sudha was a singer =

Past Tense of was (masculine and plural)

thi will conjugate the same way as verbs:

hai -> tha (masculine)

Amit kahaa hai -> Amit kahaa tha



hai -> the (mixed plurals)

ham park me hai -> ham park me the

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Where was Rohit? =

Where were they? = 

Past Tense of am

hu also becomes thi / tha


mai garden me hu -> mai garden me thi

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I was a writer =

I was in the library =

Past Progressive Tense

vo tasvir dekh raha hai = he is seeing a painting


replace the hai with tha

vo tasvir dekh raha tha = he was seeing a painting

Radha song sun rahi thi = Radha was hearing a song

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Amit was speaking in Hindi =

I was going to the museum =


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