ko and se for humans


ko is a very versatile particle in Hindi

Today’s usage is a bit similar to a and the in English

Using ko for inanimate things

Radha akhbar paDh-ti hai = Radha reads the newspaper

Radha akhbar ko paDh-ti hai = Radha reads a certain newspaper

You Try...

Radha sees a car =

Radha sees a certain car =

Using ko for humans

Because every human is unique, we will always use ko



Radha sees Amit = Radha Amit dekh-ti hai (wrong)

Radha sees Amit = Radha Amit ko dekh-ti hai (correct)

Rohit calls Sita = Rohit Sita ko bula-ta hai

You Try...

Priya gives Suresh =

I tell Radha =

3 Exceptions: Using se instead of ko

se = from

But for these 3 communicative words we will use se instead of ko:

bol, kah, pooch







Radha Sita ko pooch-ti hai (acceptable)

Radha Sita se pooch-ti hai (correct)








Amit Suraj se bol-ta hai 

= Amit talks to Suraj

You Try...

Use se:

Radha says to Anita (kah) =

Radha talks to Anita (bol) =

The mil verb

mil = meet (most important meaning)

Here also we use se




Amit Sita ko mil-ta hai (acceptable)

Amit Sita se mil-ta hai (correct)

You Try...

I meet Anita =

Radha meets Anita =


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