In Hindi, we have a big class of verbs that are related this way:


ban = to become   <—>   bana = to make

Note: we only add an “a” at the end

You Try...

the dal becomes =

Radha makes the dal =

First & Second level

First level: We’ve worked with the first level of verbs:

seekh = learn

Radha seekh-ti hai = Radha learns













Second level: add “a” to the end

seekha = to make someone learn = to teach

Anita seekha-ti hai Radha ko = Anita teaches Radha

You Try...

The car moves (chal) =

Priya drives (moves) =

Priya drives (moves) the car =

Other examples

Some verbs will modify slightly differently:

dekh -> dikha



Supriya dekhti hai. Namit Supriya ko dikhata hai

Supriya sees. Namit shows Supriya











pi -> pila

Radha piti hai. Radha ko ma pilati hai

You Try...

Sumit will show to Radha =

Sumit showed to Radha =

The Third Level

There is a third level:

Priya gets the car driven by a third party



We’ll cover this in the upcoming session


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