Compound Verb: ja


like le and de, ja also adds nuance



Let’s first review the ja conjugation:


Sita jati hai, Sita jaegi, Sita gayi 

= Sita goes / Sita will go / Sita went

You Try...

Amit goes =

Amit will go =

I will go =

Present Tense usage

ja also adds the nuance of completion / finality:

Radha jati hai = Radha goes


add samajh = understand (no conjugation)

Radha samajh jati hai = Radha understands finally = Radha gets it

You Try...

Amit goes =

Amit sleeps finally =

Future Tense

We can use the same idea for the future tense:


Radha jaegi = Radha will go


just add uTh = wake up (no conjugation)

Radha uTh jaegi

= Radha will finally wake up (and proceed to the next activity)

You Try...

Amit will go =

Amit will finally sleeps =

Past Tense

and similarly for the past tense:

glass ga-ya = the glass went


just add TooT = break (again, no conjugation)

glass TooT ga-ya = the glass broke

You Try...

Suresh went =

Suresh finally ran away (bhaag) =


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