Ho na Conjugation : To be / become / happen


We know this very well: Raj khush hai = Raj is happy

hai is present tense conjugation of the verb ho na



Let’s learn some advanced conjugation of ho na verb such as:

1) Raj becomes happy (change of state)

2) Raj will be happy (future tense)

to become (for Emotions)

hota hai = becomes



Raj khush hota hai

Radha khush hoti hai

You Try...

Amit is angry (naaraaz) =

Amit becomes angry =

Future tense of become

hoga = will become = will be

Raj khush hoga = Raj will become happy = Raj will be happy



Note: the future tense of become and of be (for emotions) is the same

You Try...

Radha will become happy = 

Review of future tense

let’s quickly review the future tense of “to be” = will

mai h-ungi

Radha ho-gi

Amit ho-ga

aap ho-nge

ham ho-nge

You Try...

Tomorrow will be difficult (mushkil) =

Sita will be in Mumbai =

2nd part of ho conjugation (cover in next session)


ho na is a very versatile verb.

it can be used for to be, to become


Radha khush ho-ti hai = Radha becomes happy



Let’s look at the other uses…

describing facts

ho na is also used to describe facts

or in place of the word, “usually”


Santra meetha hota hai = An orange is (usually) sweet





Goa me, mausam achcha hota hai

= In Goa, the weather is (usually) good

You Try...

There is (usually) a lot of work =

Exercise is good =

Exercise is good for health =

to happen

another conversational use of ho na is to happen:




kya hota hai? = What happens?

kya hoga? = What will happen?

kya hua? = What happened?

You Try...

What will happen tomorrow? =

What is going to happen tomorrow? (use ne vala tense) =

What is happening? =


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