Subjunctive: permission and recommendation


Let’s quickly review the future tense:


mai dekh-ungi = I will see

Rohit dekh-ega = Rohit will see



Now let’s see how to make the “may” future tense

You Try...

I will read =

Radha will read =

May I?

When we use the first syllable of ungi -> u,

we create the “may” future tense, a.k.a. subjunctive:


mai dekh-ungi -> mai dekh-u = I may see



This form is mostly used for questions:

mai dekh-u? = May I see?

mai sun-u? = May I listen?

You Try...

May I ask? =

May I come at 6 o’clock? = 

May I read? =

3rd person

only use the first syllable of egi = e

Radha dekh-egi becomes Radha dekh-e = May Radha see?

Radha dekh-e? = May Radha see?


We can also add a question word such as kaise:

Radha kaise dekh-e? = How may Radha see?

You Try...

May Radha play? (baja) =

When may Radha play? =

When may Radha play the piano? =


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