Infinitives: na ->ne

Background 1: reviewing ke prepositions

Let’s review some common ke preps:

ke liye = for

ke pehle = before

ke baad = after

You Try...

after lunch =

before dinner =

background 2: reviewing infinitives

Let’s review the two uses of the infinitive form:

khel na = to play (infinitive form)

khel na = playing (participle form)

You Try...

eating =

painting = (use PAINT kar)

Preposition Rule

if there is a preposition right after na, change na to ne 

khel na = playing

khel ne ke liye = for playing

khel ne ke pehle = before playing



Note: We are obliquing the infinitive form

You Try...

for making =

for making dosa =

after going =

after going home =

Review of lag exception

lag is irregular verb, so we change the na to ne



Radha lag-ti hai = Radha begins

Radha bol na lag-ta hai = Radha begins to speak (almost correct)

Radha bol ne lag-ta hai = Radha begins to speak (correct)

You Try...

Sita begins to laugh =

Amit begins to study =

Rains begins to fall (baarish gir na) =


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