Lag Verb: other uses


we’ll look at 2 more uses of lag:

Taking time

To Begin

Taking time

conjugate the lag with the noun

ek ghanta lag-ta hai = 1 hour is taken = It takes 1 hour

do ghante lag-te hai = 2 hours are taken = It takes 2 hours

You Try...

It takes five minutes =

It will take two hours =

It will take how many hours? = 

To Begin

Radha lag-ti hai = Radha begins


add bol na = to speak:

Radha bol na lag-ta hai = Radha begins to speak (wrong)



lag is an irregular verb, so we always change the na to ne

Radha bol ne lag-ti hai = Radha begins to speak (correct)

You Try...

Sita begins to laugh =

Amit begins to study =

Rains begins to fall (baarish gir na) =


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