beT-e beT-o for Past Tense and Possessives

Background Review

Let’s recall the beT-e beT-o idea:

to him = us ko

to the son = beT-e ko (not bet-a ko)

to the sons = beT-o ko 



We’ll extend this idea to Past Tense and Possessives now…

You Try...

to the dog = 

Past Tense

We oblique the nouns in front of the ne


us ne dekh-a = He saw


bet-e ne dekh-a = The son saw


laDk-e ne pooch-a = The boy asked

You Try...

The dog heard = 


We oblique the nouns in front of the ki, ka, ke


us ki maa = his mother


beT-e ki maa = The boy’s mother


ladk-e ki maa sach bol-ti hai = The boy’s mother speaks the truth

You Try...

The boy’s brother =

The dog’s food =


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