Intransitive Past Tenses


Past Tense is different for verbs where we cannot ask “what”

We cannot answer: She came “what” / She went “what


So we memorized it this way:

Sunita ghar aa-yi = Sunita came home

Amit Mumbai ga-ya = Amit went to Mumbai

You Try...

Amit went where? =

I went = 

movement of self

We conjugate all self movement verbs this way also:

For instance, the self is moving in these verbs: run, sit, stop

just add -a, -i or -e at the end based on the gender



Radha dauD-i = Radha ran

Sudhir baith-a = Sudhir sat

You Try...

Sudhir ran =

I sat =

Rohit slept =

verbs of expression

verbs of expression such as laughing and crying also are intransitives

choTa laDka ro-ya = The small boy cried

Rajesh muskura-ya = Rajesh smiled



*Note that y is added as a smooth transition between the two vowels

You Try...

I laughed (has) =

Rohit cried (ro) = 

Two more verbs: ban and mil

to be and to meet are also conjugated this way:



Anuradha gaayak ban-i = Anuradha became a singer

Radha Amit se mil-i = Radha met with Amit

You Try...

I met with her = 

She became a doctor = 


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