J forms: jab, jahaa, jaise


We know that kaun and jo as related like this:

kaun = who (as a question)

jo = who (as an answer)



Ye kaun hai = Who is this?

Ye Radha hai jo meri behen hai = This is Radha who is my sister

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Who is that? = 

That is Amit who is my friend = 

j form of kab

Let’s look at 3 more j forms starting with jab:

kab = when

jab = at the time when




jab Radha choTi thi = When Radha was little

jab Radha choTi thi, vo cricket khelti thi

= When Radha was little, she used to play cricket

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When Amit speaks, Sushma listens = 

j form of kahaa

kahaa = where

jahaa = the place where



Jahaa Amit rahta hai = (the place) where Amit lives

Jahaa mai ja-ti hu = (the place) where I go

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(The place) where I live… =

(The place) where Amit lives, there Suresh also lives =

j form of kaise

kaise = how

jaise = like how



Jaise mai kah-ti hu = As I say / Like how I say

Jaise Rohit bana-ta hai = Like how Amit makes

You Try...

As Amit says =

As Amit says, please do that way =


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