Advanced Question Words


In this module, we’ll review some advanced question words:

how much

how many


what kind of


and more…

how much

For uncountable quantities, we use

kitna = how much

kitna pani = how much water

You Try...

how much time = 

how many

for countables, we use kitne:

kitne = how many

kitne log = how many people


kitne is gendered and always plural…

kitni ladkiyaa = how many girls

You Try...

how many boys? =

how many girls are in the building? =


kaunsa = which (also gendered)


kaunsi picture = which movie

kaunsa aadmi = which man

You Try...

which book =

which book do you want? =

which woman is your mother? =


We already know kaisa = how

Amit kaisa hai? = How is Amit?





Second meaning of kaisa = what kind of 

kaisa aadmi = what kind of a man

kaisi picture = what kind of a movie

You Try...

what kind of trip =

what kind of dal =

Question word for "us"

kis is the question word for us


Example: us ko -> kis ko

Amit pani deta hai us ko = Amit gives water to her/him

Amit pani deta hai kis ko? = Amit gives water to whom?



Example: us ki -> kis ki

us ki ma = his mother

kis ki ma? = whose mother?

You Try...

for her =

for whom = 



his brother =

whose brother =

aur: (start in next session)

We know that aur = and

Second meaning of aur = also, else



aur kaun = who else

aur kya = what else

You Try...

who else is in the house? =

where else? =

where else will you go? =


Double question words

when you want to ask for all the information…

question words are repeated like this:


kaun-kaun = who all

kahaa-kahaa = where all

You Try...

who all are in the party? =

what all? =

what all will you eat?

kidhar is a synonym of kahaa

Kidhar is a common synonym of kahaa = where


kidhar = where (means the same as kahaa)

idhar = here

udhar = there

You Try...

Where is Amit? = 

Amit is here =

Amit is not here =


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