beTe - beTo

Obliquing a noun

we know: us ko = to him


Let’s try to say: to the son

beta ko = to the son (almost correct)



…we need to “oblique” the beta to bet-e

bet-e ko = to the son

You Try...

to the dog = 

to the boy =

beTo ko

un ko = to them

for Plurals, change the ending to o

bet-o ko = to the boys

You Try...

to the boys = 

to the dogs =

Mnemonic: beT-e beT-o

beT-e ko = to the son

beT-o ko = to the sons

we will remember this idea as beT-e beT-o in our future studies

You Try...

try beT-e beT-o for dogs:

to the dog =

to the dogs = 


laDki ko = to the girl (no change)

ladki-o ko = to the girls (add an “o” at the end)

You Try...

to the daughters =

to the cats =

other prepositions

Masculine Singular: In front of a preposition, the “a” becomes “e

bet-e ke saath = with the son

laDk-e ke liye = for the boy

You Try...

for the son =

with the son =


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