Infinitive Forms

Background Review:

na = to


add na after verb to make it dictionary form of the verb

bol na = to speak



Hindi bol na = to speak Hindi

chaval paka na = to cook rice



Note: verb is after the noun

You Try...

to watch a movie = 

sentences with "to"

Let’s use this in sentences:

Sushma Hindi seekh rahi hai = Sushma is learning Hindi


now add bol na:

Sushma Hindi bol na seekh rahi hai = Sushma is learning to speak Hindi



Radha ko picture pasand hai = Radha likes movies

Radha ko picture dekh na pasand hai = Radha likes to watch movies



You Try...

Radha is learning to play cricket = 

doing something (Participle)

In Hindi the participle form (-ing ending) is also the same:

Hindi bol na = to speak Hindi = speaking Hindi



Hindi bol na aasaan hai = speaking Hindi is easy

biryani bana na muskhil hai = making biryani is hard

You Try...

Making rice is easy =



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