Practical Gentle Requests

Background Review:

Let’s review Gentle Requests:

we’ve used -iye for aap

(aap) dekh-iye = please see



note that we drop the aap and only say dekh-iye

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please listen =

please eat =


tum is a bit more casual form of aap:

add -o for tum



(aap) baiTh-iye   –> (tum) baiTh-o = please sit

bol-iye  –>  bol-o = please speak



Note 1: “please” is implied by the tone of the request

Note 2: using kripaya = please makes the sentence sound very formal

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Use both aap and tum conjugation:

please eat =

please say your name = 

2 exceptions

For de = give, the conjugation is slightly different:

di-jiye = please give (not “de-iye”);  do for tum



can you guess how we do le = take?

li-jiye = please take (not “le-iye”);  lo for tum

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Try both aap and tum forms:

give (me) the book =

take the book =

take this =

kar conjuncts

ki-jiye = please do

kaam ki-jiye = please work

saaf ki-jiye = please clean

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Please help (madad) =

Close the door (band) =

English kar conjuncts

say the English verb and add kijiye or karo


HELP kijiye, HELP karo


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Enjoy the trip =

Type the letter =


To negate Gentle Request, use:

mat = don’t

jhuTh mat boliye, jhuTh mat bolo = Don’t speak lies

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Don’t go there = 


a few important adverbs

We can describe the activity better with these adverbs:



zor se bolo = Speak louder

phir se likho = Write again

There are a few more in the memorizers

You Try...

Tell again =

Sing louder (ga) =


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