ke prepositions


We know some prepositions very well:

garden me = in the garden

table pe (par) = on the table


The prepositions come after the noun

(they are actually called postpositions)


We’ve covered this one before

ke saath = with

us ke saath = with her



Amit eats lunch with her = Amit lunch kha-ta hai us ke saath

You Try...

with Radha =

Amit is going to the gym with Radha =

Amit is going to the gym with her =


ke liye = for

us ke liye = for him

Rohit breakfast bana-ta hai us ke liye = Rohit makes breakfast for him 

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Amit decorates the room for the birthday = 

1st use of ke paas

ke paas = near

Near the house, there is a shop = ghar ke paas, ek dukaan hai

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Near the school, there is a lake =

Sita is waiting near the building (use WAIT kar) =

2nd use of ke paas

ke paas after humans means “has


Let’s understand it this way:

Rohit ke paas ek baDa kutta hai = Near Rohit, there is a big dog

Rohit ke paas ek baDa kutta hai = Rohit has a big dog (correct usage)

You Try...

Radha has a laptop = 

He has a laptop =

Easy way for English speakers

We move the phrase to the end because:

1) the structure is similar to English grammar

2) this way sounds more spontaneous 


Suraj is going to Mumbai with Priya = 


Easy English speaker version:

Suraj Mumbai ja raha hai, Priya ke saath 



Harder Hindi textbook version:

2) Suraj Priya ke saath Mumbai ja raha hai



We’ll start with the English speaker version and then gradually include the textbook version


You Try...

Try both ways:

Anil makes a dosa for Radha =

Sita is going to the park with her mom = 

7 positional prepositions (try next time if too long)

We’ll keep reviewing these 7 important positional prepositions



ke saamne = facing

ke aage = in front of;  ke piche = behind







ke upar = above;  ke niche = beneath







ke andar = inside;  ke bahar = outside

You Try...

(try 2 or 3 of these)

Facing the house, there is a big school =

Sita is in front of Radha =

Radha is behind Sita =

Inside the school, there is a garden =

Rohit will go outside the house =

On top of the tree, there is a bird =

Amit eats lunch under the tree =

Exception for “me”

use mere saath, not mujh ke saath

mere saath

mere liye

mere paas

You Try...

Radha works with me



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