Past Tense


Let’s see how to conjugate: I saw


Note: Past Tense conjugation is unique

Grammar Construction

1) Start with: mai dekh

2) Add ne after mai and -a after verb:

mai ne dekh-a = I saw

mai ne sun-a = I heard

You Try...

I read (paDh) = 

I said (bol) =

verbs ending with a or o

mai ne kha-a needs a transition consonant “y” between the two vowels

mai ne kha-ya = I ate

mai ne bata-ya = I told

You Try...

I made (bana) = 

Add the masculine object

I saw a (male) dog = mai ne kutta dekh-a

As usual, the verb, dekh-a, is at the end of the sentence

You Try...

I saw a boy =

Feminine object

Let’s see how to conjugate the feminine object:

I saw a (female) cat = mai ne billi dekh-i


dekh-i agrees with the gender of cat (female)

We will call this conjugation as the 1st exception of the past tense

You Try...

I saw a girl =

Can you guess the conjugation? I saw two boys =

Conjugations for other persons

We can easily replace mai with the other persons

Radha ne dekh-a = Radha saw

ham ne dekh-a = We saw

aap ne dekh-a = You saw

You Try...

Radha heard =

We made =

2nd exception

Try to conjugate: She saw

Instead of vo ne dekh-a, it becomes us ne dekh-a

(Another usage of obliques. Think of this as “was seen by her”)


She ate

= vo ne kha-ya (wrong)

= us ne kha-ya (correct)

You Try...

He heard =

She made =


and use unho for they (not “un ne”)

unho ne bata-ya = They told

You Try...

They ate = 

They saw = 

Let’s practice more (1 to 2 minutes)

She saw a dog =

He ate a dosa =

She ate a roti =

I ate a roti = 


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