Future Tense

Background Review:

Let’s Review:

I see = mai dekh-ti hu

You Try...

I hear =


Grammar Construction

For feminine: ungi = will

remove the ti hu & add ungi at the end of the verb



mai dekh-ti hu  -> mai dekh-ungi = I will see





For masculine: unga = will

remove the ta hu & add unga at the end of the verb



mai dekh-ta hu  -> mai dekh-unga = I will see

You Try...

I will hear = 

I will eat = 


For the third person singular,

egi = will

Radha dekh-egi

Use the English word “eggy” to help remember “egi”

You Try...

Sudha will talk (bol) =

Guess: Amit will talk = 


Feminine: egi -> engi

ham park ja-engi = We will go to the park (women)



Masculine/Mixed group: ega -> enge

ham park ja-enge = We will go to the park (mixed group or men)



We note that there is a slight nasalization before the “g” sound

You Try...

We will make a dosa (mixed group)

We will watch a movie tomorrow (women)


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