Background Review:

Let’s understand ko which means to:


Radha pani deti hai = Radha gives water

to Amit = Amit ko (not “ko Amit”)

Radha pani deti hai Amit ko = Radha gives water to Amit

You Try...

I give a book =

I give a book to Suraj =

Understanding Obliques

Radha gives water to he becomes Radha gives water to him


in English: he -> him     in Hindi: vo -> us

Radha pani deti hai vo ko -> Radha pani deti hai us ko

You Try...

Anita gives a book to her =

I ask a question to her = 

Using us with to and from

us ko = to her


We can also use other prepositions:

us se = from her

You Try...

Anita takes water from her = 

us = him (also)

us can also be used for the masculine gender:


with = ke saath

with him = us ke saath


Note: Always place the preposition after the us

You Try...

 Amit goes to the park with him = 


mujh ko = to me

Radha pani de-ti hai mujh ko = Radha gives water to me

You Try...

Amit gives a gift to me = 

to them

us -> un = them (plurals)

un ko = to them

You Try...

*note:   ke saath = along with

un ke saath = along with them



I go to the park along with them (un ke saath) =



ham and aap

The Obliques for ham and aap are unchanged:

ham ko = to us

aap ko = to you

You Try...

Radha is asking a question to you (pooch) = 

Amit gives a book to us = 

3 exceptions using Obliques (next class)


We conjugate want, like, and know in a different way.


chahiye = is wanted

pani chahiye = water is wanted

us ko pani chahiye = by her, water is wanted

You Try...

She wants pizza = by her, pizza is wanted = 

I want pizza = by me, pizza is wanted =

pasand hai

pasand hai = is liked

pizza pasand hai = pizza is liked

us ko pizza pasand hai = pizza is liked by her 

You Try...

She likes rice = by her, rice is liked =

I like rice = by me, rice is liked =  

malum hai

malum hai = is known

story malum hai = story is known

us ko story malum hai = story is known to her

You Try...

They know the address = To them, the address is known  =

I know the story = 


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