Background Review

Let’s see how to make plurals.





There are 2 types:




Drop the a

Add e







one boy -> two boys

ek laDka -> do laDke










1 dog -> 2 dogs

ek kutta -> do kutte








1 room -> 2 rooms

ek kamra -> do kamre

You Try...

one horse (ghoda), two horses =

one samosa, two samosas =


add yaa






one girl -> two girls

ek laDki -> do laDki-yaa









1 cat -> 2 cats

ek billi -> do billi-yaa










1 car-> 2 cars

ek gaDi -> do gaDi-yaa

You Try...

one roti, two rotis =

one chair (kursi), two chairs =


For Masculine:

ek laDka -> do laDke






but if doesn’t end in a…

1 house -> 2 houses

ek ghar -> do ghar


















For Feminine:

ek laDki -> do laDki-yaa






but if doesn’t end in i…

1 woman -> 2 women

ek aurat -> do aurat-e





You Try...

for masculine:

one newspaper (akhbaar), two newspapers = 



for feminine:

one sister (behen), two sisters =

Easy Conversational Shortcut

We want to focus on conversational grammar and express ourselves without thinking too much about masculine / feminine plurals

Here’s an easy shortcut:






If ends in a:

laDka -> laDke














If ends in i:

laDki -> laDki-yaa















otherwise, no change:

ek ghar -> do ghar

ek behen -> do behen (conversationally acceptable)

You Try...

ek bachcha (child) -> do…

ek chabi (key) -> do…

ek tamatar (tomato) -> do…


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