Answering Questions with Prepositions

Background Review

Let’s see how to answer questions with prepositions such as:








me = in




garden me = in the garden



1) order is flipped

2) no “the” in Hindi







library me = in the library









Now add the garden me at the end: 


Amit lunch kha-ta hai garden me = Amit eats lunch in the garden











Radha Hindi bol-ti hai office me = Radha speaks Hindi in the office


You Try...

Anita watches a movie in the theater (dekh) = Anita…

Suraj makes a dosa in the kitchen (banaa) = 

2 styles of speech

English-speaker style:


Anita sees a movie in the theater =

Anita movie dekh-ti hai theater me 












theater me  is at the end of the sentence, like in English













Hindi-textbook style:


Anita theater me movie dekh-ti hai 

theater me  is in 2nd place. 









Our suggestion:

1) First use the English-speaker style as it easier to speak and sounds more organic


2) Once you are fluent with this English-speaker style, start practicing with the Hindi-textbook style


3) Be sure to mix both styles – it makes the Hindi sound more organic and conversational

You Try...

Try English-speaker style:

Radha eats a dosa in the restaurant (kha) = Radha…




Now try Hindi-textbook style:

Radha eats a dosa in the restaurant (kha) = 


pe = on

also par = on







terrace pe = on the terrace

*note the order is flipped






Now add the terrace pe at the end: 

Amit lunch kha-ta hai terrace pe = Amit eats lunch on the terrace







Radha film dekh-ti hai couch pe = Radha watches the movie on the couch

You Try...

I eat lunch on the table (kha) = mai…

We hear a song on the terrace (sun) =


se = from

India se = from India






Now add the India se like this: 

Rohit India se hai = Rohit is from India









aap kahaa se hai? = You are from where?

You Try...

I am from New York = mai…

He is from Singapore =


ke saath = with

ma ke saath = with mom













Radha lunch kha-ti hai ma ke saath = Radha eats lunch with mom

You Try...

I go to the park with Anita (ja) = mai…

Rohit makes coffee with Priya (banaa) =


baje = o’clock

do baje = 2 o’clock









Amit ghar aa-ta hai do baje = Amit comes home at 2 o’clock













Hindi-textbook style:

Amit do baje ghar aa-ta hai  = Amit comes home at 2 o’clock

You Try...

I go to the park at 1 o’clock (ja) = mai… 

Radha makes lunch at 2 o’clock (banaa) = 


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